Corporate Partner

Becoming a corporate partner with Beyond Badge provides some real benefits to your organisation as well as the support you will be providing for our first responders.

The Commitment

Corporate Partner –┬áVery Occasionally

Hospitality: Board /Training room, M/Tea & Lunch
Inspiration: Provide a Manager to tell our group about your business and opportunities Promote our Charity on your Website/ Social media channels.
Community: You will be supporting those who have put themselves in harms way to protect you
People: You will have a new recruitment pipeline of talented, committed people with unique skills
ROI: You can recruit any number of our people with a fee of only $ 3,500 per hire potentially saving you thousands of $$

You will be supporting two first responders on the Career Transition Program

We will promote your business on our Social media channels


Chad Stockwell is the Recruitment Manager for BGIS across Australia and New Zealand. Through Chad, BGIS has been supporting Beyond The Badge by hosting our Career Transition programs and employing a number of our program graduates.
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Chad Stockwell

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