Supporting First Responders seeking to transition into new careers


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Thank you for your empathetic and understanding approach to what is a very difficult journey we all face to transition from Policing. I have found this program re-invigorating and soul restoring Only recently I felt like I was on the scrap heap, now I’m gaining confidence


Former NSW Police Officer

What I love about Beyond The Badge is that they are unlocking people that many companies would not have considered hiring who wouldn’t want first responders in their workforce?


Brett Iredale

CEO and Founder Jobadder

These people bring a diverse set of skills to our business that the average applicant doesn’t have. We are very big supporters of this program


Chadd Stockwell

Stockwell Recruitment Manager, Australia and New Zealand BGIS

Who we are

Beyond The Badge is a Not For Profit Charity that exists to support first responders across Australia.

There has never been a more important time to look after the brave men and women that put their lives on the line day in and day out to ensure we are all safe.

How Can You Get Involved


First Responders

We exist to provide support in Career Transition services to all first responders, first responder agencies and first responder support groups.
This includes Unions, Associations and charity

If you are from Policing, Ambulance, Fire Services,
Corrections, Commonwealth Agencies, we are here to help you

Corporate Partners

Our service to Australia’s first responder community relies on organisations that are willing to provide opportunities both in program support (training rooms, guest speakers etc) and / or employment There are great rewards for your company in supporting first responders

Return To Work Providers

We want to build on our success of working with insurers and return to work providers that manage first responders. For those first responders who are unable to return to their agencies as a result of physical or psychological injury, our services can support transition into new and meaningful careers.

Employers and Recruiters

Our first responders are a unique and untapped talent pool who hold skills and behaviours that many organisations struggle to find in the general population Partner with us to support successful and sustainable placements for our first responders and become a part something very special.

Program Sponsors

Beyond The Badge is a Not For Profit Charity.

In order for us to provide our services to Australia’s first responders we need funding from organisations that see that paying back the debt owed to our emergency service personnel is central to their beliefs and Values

Help us to help them

Looking to make a Change?

Whether you’re looking to retire from emergency services or it is just time to move on, making the leap from first response to the corporate world can be daunting.

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